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Organic and Conventional

Partners brochures for complete product descriptions:

Candied ginger

  • 2-5mm (conventional)
  • 3-7mm (organic)

Candied ginger pulp

  • Organic or conventional

Crystalized & bare ginger

  • Mini-chips 2-5mm (organic or conventional)
  • Small dice 5-8mm (organic or conventional)
  • Medium dice 8-12mm
  • Select dice 15-22mm
  • Organic select dice 8-16mm
  • Select slices 25-35mm rounds
  • Organic select slices 22-32mm rounds

Ginger juice

  • Unflitered ginger juice (organic or conventional)
  • Filtered ginger juice
  • Fine filtered ginger juice
  • Unpasteurized ginger juice
  • Organic ginger juice with citric acid

Ginger puree

  • Organic or conventional

Ginger syrup

  • Organic or conventional

Minced ginger (puree)

Minced ginger 5mm

Shredded ginger