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Dried & Infused Fruit

Organic and Conventional

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Goji berries

  • Dried
  • Conventional/Organic
  • Whole
  • Chopped
  • Powder

Pomegranates arils

Dried cultivated blueberries

Dried wild blueberries

  • Sweetened or apple juice infused

Wild blueberry powder


  • Dehydrated cranberries (sliced or bits)

Whole dried cranberries

  • Sweetened or apple juice infused

Reduced sugar cranberries

  • Half the sugar dried cranberries

Dried cranberries

  • Sweetened
  • Low moisture
  • Julienne cut
  • Double diced
  • Bits
  • Orange flavored

Unsweetened and soft dried cranberries


  • Unsweetened dried cranberries

Dried cranberry seeds

Cranberry powder

  • Soluble powder 40 mesh
  • powder 60 mesh

Red tart cherries

Deglet noor dates

Medjool dates

  • Date paste

Golden raisins

Thompson raisins

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