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Tropic Like It’s Hot

Summertime is coming and what makes it even better are tropical dried fruits from MicroDried.  They are now new and improved with better colour, flavour and crunchy texture.  When you are thinking about adding something tropical into your next trail mix, smoothie, baked good or rebag, look no further than MicroDried.

Here are our new popular tropicals:

FG70355 Banana Fragments                    FG70391 Pineapple Rings

FG70388 Banana Sliced                            FG70392 Whole Goldenberry

FG70389 Mango Chunks                           FG70394 Pineapple Fragments with Fines

FG70390 Pineapple Chunks                      FG70395 Mango Fragments with Fines


Contact our team for more information or for a sample!


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